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Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland

General description

The Idiap Research Institute is an independent nonprofit research foundation in the Swiss Alps. The Institute is affiliated with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is one of the most active independent research institutions in information technology. Idiap is among the leaders in artificial and cognitive intelligence since 1991, with open source project developments such as Torch/PyTorch. Originating from a paper published by Idiap in 2002, PyTorch is one of the most important and successful machine learning software projects in the world. Idiap’s activities encompass fundamental research, training (graduate and post-graduate level), and technology transfer activities in the area of artificial intelligence (both theoretical and applied).

Expertise related to the project

The Robot Learning & Interaction group at Idiap is involved in projects targeting various robotics applications, including robots that are close to us (human-robot collaboration), part of us (prosthetics), or far from us (teleoperation and shared control). In the Intelliman project, Idiap will be leading the developments in WP3, leveraging its expertise in robot learning from demonstration, probabilistic movement primitive representations, model-based optimization, tensor factorization, and optimal control (incl. ergodic control) for manipulation skills.