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Fundacio Eurecat, Spain

General description

Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre in Catalonia, and the second largest private research organization in Southern Europe. Eurecat manages a turnover of 50M€ and 650 professionals, is involved in more than 200 R&D projects and has a customer portfolio of over 1.600 business clients. Eurecat is currently participating in more than 60 EU funded collaborative projects, mainly in the Horizon 2020 Programme. In addition to this wide experience at European level, Eurecat is also a strong player in the various R&D programmes sponsored by the Spanish and Catalan administrations. Technology transfer is also an essential activity in Eurecat, with 36 international patents and 7 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America) started-up from the centre.

Expertise related to the project

Robotics & Automation Unit is devoted to performing research and new developments in the field of robotics. The current research areas are 1) ground robots, 2) aerial robots, 3) human-robot interaction and cobots and 4) perception. In the last 15 years, the group has executed a total of around 125 research projects including applied research (15 European, 20 National) as well as technology transfer with over 90 private projects focusing on Advanced Robotics Applications with industry. The group is active in different domains including Agile manufacturing, Smart logistics, Infrastructure Inspection&Monitoring, Environmental, Agriculture and Construction.   

Eurecat participates in the project developing Reinforcement Learning algorithms, methods for understanding and reasoning about task structures, and synthesis and manipulation algorithms. Eurecat is also responsible for the use case “Manipulation in the daily activities of the kitchen“, with the aim of providing the robot with the necessary psychomotor skills to be able to, for example, set and clean the table or pour cereals into a bowl.